Cloud Computing - Some Insights

By cloud computing it means storing of all your data online in cloud. Cloud is where all the data of the company are stored in and those data are accessible from more than one distributor and connected resources that comprise a cloud. All the benefits of greater accessibility and reliability can be provided by a cloud.Do you want to learn more? Visit

Rapid developments were made in the cloud in the last few years. Cloud gives a very strong protection to the data backup archival and disaster recovery purpose. The overall storage cost is very much lowered by the use of cloud. By the use of cloud you don’t need to buy expensive hardware to store data, you don’t have to purchase these hardware and you don’t have to maintain then either. But one drawback of the cloud storage is that there are security issues in always inevitable and unavoidable.

Cloud storage has a potential of many complaints. There are 4 different types of storage available in cloud storage. One is the personal cloud storage, next is public cloud storage, third is the private cloud storage and the last and the fourth is the private cloud storage. Now I will explain each and every cloud storage separately. Personal cloud storage is also known as mobile cloud storage stores the data of an individual. It provides the individual with access to the data from anywhere in the world. It also provides data syncing and sharing of data across many multiple devices. Apple companies’ icloud is an example for personal cloud storage.



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