Major Elements In Cloud Computing

Usability- you have to be very careful when you drop and drag to move a document into a storage that is cloud. By doing this it will permanently move a document from its original position to a storage in the cloud computing. Always do a copy paste so that the document can also be found in the original location as well. If you drag them thy will permanently removed from the original and moved to cloud store area or document.Checkout here for more info.

Bandwidth-several band width has been allotted with some band width. If an organization is greater than the given allowance the additional charges will be significant. There are some of the providers that allow an unlimited bandwidth. This factor has to be taken good care of when looking for a storage provider. 

Accessibility-you have access to the data only if there is access to the internet, only if there is internet connection you can access the data.

Data security-as the data are stored remotely, there is a concern about the safety and privacy of the data. The possibility of private data commingling with other organizations makes business very uneasy in many times. 

Software-the worst part is that if you want to download a file in a cloud computing system then you will have to down load for your personal case the worst part is that you will have to download them in all devises. 


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